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Pacha Gallery is a unique shop in Marrakech where you will find high quality custom-made furniture. We also offer one-of a kind jewelry, Arabic art, carpets, antiquities and artifacts. The shop in Marrakech spreads over an area of over 1000 m2 and three floors. It is conveniently located in central Gueliz, the new city of Marrakech. Here you can easily access it by car and browse, get inspired and shop in a stress-free environment.

Pacha Gallery offers a sophisticated selection of furniture, art, carpets, jewelry, antiquities and artifacts. We only sell items of the highest quality as well unique designs. We have five experts of art and antiquities who work in the shop in Marrakech. Together with a team of 25 skilled people they help countless of customers with all kinds of different demands and needs. We would be happy to design and custom make any furniture you might dream of or why not come and get inspired with the exquisite selection we already have in the shop.

We pride ourselves in taking a fresh look at the traditional Moroccan arts and crafts aim to put them in a global context. Our one-of-a-kind Berber jewelry each tell a story and they are said to have magical powers. At Pacha Gallery in Marrakech we have served customers from all around the world since 2011. We would be more than happy if we in any way can help you find those specific items you are looking for. Contact us now for more information, we are standing by!

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